Before you Master the art of making your own Swiss Army Tie, I think its an even better idea to make sure you can Tie a tie.    (See Evolutionary tie chart on left)


This World gets crazier and crazier,  overachievers are expected to achieve more and sacrifice by sleeping less, even engaging in  polyphasic sleeping.  Empoweredpreneurs like super heroes are expected to do a lot more with less.  

When your launching new projects you need more energy, more concentration, more social skills more money more MOre MORE!!!

I find it exciting and overwhelming.  This is why when I'm in Tie-mode, I take advantage of  my Knotty Side.  You see,  just the right amount of energy can close a deal, create an idea, even make a new friend, maybe something even more.  Time and time again the knot on my tie has housed many great things that I wouldn't have had it it weren't for my tie.

 You see I use my tie knot  like my First Aid Energy Emergency Kit.  its hard to Cruise around with a box of supplements.  So When I put that tie on, I do a little extra:  Before it's tightened, I throw in two Capsules of Gotu Kola or Ginseng Energy Plus.  If I want to operate like Rocketman my Power capsules are there before big deals, Exclusive Social outings & more… Hell, A guy could Put Viagra There!  One other thing i like to put in there when I remember is  EMF neutralizing devices that are smaller,  than the Q-link….  Do they really work?  I haven't had time to test it in the lab yet BUT if you really want to know like good marketing and love making comes: EXPERIMENTATION!   This Article is about your emergency Energy reserve knot.

Some People In The CIA might use this hack for evil— like concealing tetrodotoxin in it ( Lethal poison from fugu puffer Fish )   you will never use this for evil fellow EmpoweredPreneur, only good!  Here's some other ideas you can use this for:

Tie Perk Reel

  • [Conceal $5.00 inside for a pick- me-up of Matcha Green Tea or low acid coffe
  • keep alkalyzing tablets to help follow the Sub-Immortal Diet
  • Fold up a small piece of paper towel and put your favourite cologne or peppermint oil to keep you active and smelling fresh for the week!
  • Keep 2 Tylenol in here,  "Incase of Emergency untie tie"
  • Some of my buddies like to keep tic tacs in their tie for those Intimate or near face experiences.



If you have other ideas, I'd love to hear about them below!  until then Be Epic and  Live Limitless!


keep a fiver tucked in your tie, great for a boost! Matcha green tea … This is my luck Fiver, it has been to 6 countries with me in two weeks.