How the hell do all us over achievers get our energy? I use the example of inertia, an object in motion tends to stay in motion ( so long as the path is clear 😉 ) We are kinetic creatures, Sedinentry lives makes our life force curdle quicker. we are designed to be active, our longevity and health depends on it.


The key to the game of success is to find routines that consistently boost and keep you boosted. Cardiovascular excercises are one of these routines, or EMPOWERMENT RITUALS!

Our first source of energy is oxygen. Do whatever you can to increase your oxygenation in your blood. Your success depends on it. More clean oxygen–>more energy—>More results.

Cardio has a positive effect on the overall ability of your heart and blood to carry oxygen to the cells, and also the ability of the cells to process this oxygen; it assists your heart, lungs, and circulatory system in doing their jobs. Like a fuel intake and engine… keep these running optimally and you increase your speed that you reach each goal.

Cardio is highly effective in burning calories. This is a well known fact. But there are other benefits too; long lasting benefits that have a great impact on the quality and length of your life, that aid in feeling Sub-Immortal

Improves heart pumping health and lung non-puncturin’ function

Like all the other muscles in your body your heart also needs exercise to stay healthy and strong. Without proper and sufficient workout it will weaken and start developing problems.

Doing cardio will strengthen the heart; your heart’s ability to pump blood will improve and it will be able deliver oxygen more efficiently. This also means that due to being able to pump more blood per beat your heart rate over a period of time will decrease giving it the ability to recover more quickly from any kind of exertion.

Cardio is essential for reducing risk of heart disease. It also works to provide more oxygen to the lungs; helps your lungs in flushing out carbon dioxide more efficiently. During cardio the heart pumps more blood than usual which flows to those areas of the lungs that at rest do not receive as much blood supply.

Be A Mindstein, Cardio Improves Your Ability To Digest Food For Thought

and alleviates depression

Many studies have shown that cognitive performance is at its best post-cardio. Most mental performance tests prove this. What’s more, the awesome effects of cardio on the brain are not limited to post exercise period but are, in fact, long lasting. How this works is that it increases blood flow to the brain; with more oxygen supply the brain is able to function with higher efficiency. Oxygen is one of the great “foods” that act as fuel for smarter thoughts.

Along with better blood supply, cardio also releases the mood hormones dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. they regulate your mental functions such as focus, mood, and learning ability. Or To feel, be and do AWESOME!

cardio training increases levels of a protein called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which is responsible for maintaining healthy neurons. To add to this, the hormones and chemicals released during cardio stimulate brain cell growth.

It also protects your brain from age-related cognitive decline; Improves functioning of the Hippocampus that makes you remember what you read in this article.


All these processes, triggered by cardio, are essential for protecting your brain against neurological diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. I’d like you to be around longer so you can enjoy more content from EMPOWEREDpreneur and so you remeber it so you can MOST IMPORTANTLY: Take Action!!!

Makes Your Skeleton Dance Better

Increases bone density and stimulates new bone growth

Just like your muscles, joints and bones also require exercise to stay healthy; adequate cardio is the best way to increase bone density and prevent bone loss. During cardio, when the bones experience some stress during training, the bones cells start the process of producing protein, collagen, to increase bone strength.


This stress during cardio also stimulates bone growth and the lack of this load created due to absence of training would mean no or much LESS new bone growth! Cardio is essential for bone strengthening, and as you grow older, it is effective ( in conjuction with good nutrition) in protecting you from early onset of osteoporosis and fracture risk.

Promotes healthy sleep

So You can dream in Technicolor!

May increase time spent in REM: deep and restorative sleep and opens your chances to “USE THE FORCE” when you awaken

Research shows that cardio helps treat sleep apnea. It has restorative effects that just make you feel pretty damn great. If you run for your goals. you are often more in the moment, this helps release/mute or stress response. Obviously DON’t run marathons before bedtime… your body should be cooler to sleep better.

Increases Lifespan

Key to longevity

A recent study by the Copenhagen City Heart study reveals that cardiorespiratory exercises can make you live longer. It slows down the ageing process, repairs old DNA, and reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases by half.

It reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, improves blood sugar, and the boost in blood circulation helps release toxins.

Most studies show that it increases your lifespan by three to seven years —> Improved heart and lung function from cardio, add years to your life.


Many research findings have found a link between regular cardio practise and extended life expectancy. By improving your physical well-being it reduces the risk of cancer.

Another important study, published in journal Stroke in 2013, found that in men over age 60, cardio reduces the risk of stroke by one-third.

Most research in this area shows the causal relationship between regular cardio exercises and an extended lifespan hence by not investing time on cardio on a daily basis you could potentially lose many years of your life! NOt Doing Cardio is killing people. 











Biking, running, Aerobics, Swimming…
I usually bike 6 Km’s per day. 
 It’s low impact so less chance of damaging your joints 😉  No matter what, I do it: Rain, sleet, or maybe even an avalanche, it kick starts my day,  I also call these PRIMERS. Biking is awesome so long as you work hard at it, you HAVE to get that heart pumping.   I do it in spurts bike as hard as i can for 3-5 minutes, cool and burst again.

I do it for a reason that has hyper benefits, You will learn more about this when you sign-up for Your Free EMPOWEREDpreneur Newsletter.