Well not in pill, put certainly we can trim the wasted points of and in sleep…

To get more out of your day you have to be a prioritizing King or Queen. It seems life expects us to sacrifice our sleep to meet all of our accumulating requests & needs.

the Sub Immortal Diet Teaches us that its quality not quantity for our bodies.

Kinetitate teaches us its not just what we do, IT’S HOW WE DO IT. EMPOWEREDpreneur teaches us to focus on 80% of our results and we'll know that 20% of our efforts accumulate into anything.


As empowered As you are, this Polyphasic sleeping pattern  will enhance you even more!

  •   People told you you had to only eat a variety of food, then.. vitamins were invented


  • People told you that you needed to ask an expert and then Google came 😉


If we use the right concentrations of purely focused no frills approach we can get greater results in shorter periods of time.  I’m not talking steroids or Ukranian Mail Order ( email order now) Brides… Only healthy alternatives!  


Finally they said you needed 8 hours of sleep.   What about sir Winston Churchill?  Mozart? Davinci ?  


There’s a concentrated effort that has netted them a much better result. Cut off all the frills, wet dreams and stagnant sleep, get Straight to R.E.M.!!!


.  There is this wonderful technique known as polyphasic sleeping.  It means sleeping multiple times during the day;  every 4 hours you catch A  brief  nap of 15-30 minutes.  Which mean, a total of 1.5- 3 hours in a 24 hours day cycle.  Not bad, right!  What’s more, this may be how nature intended us to sleep in the first place; this type of a sleep cycle is the norm  for many creatures in the animal kingdom and this was how early man may have slept too. ( think about it- if you slept through the entire night, a saber tooth may have snuck up and ate you!)  As human life began to become more sedentary we started moving towards monophasic sleeping schedules, which, to be honest, decreases our productivity.  Imagine the number of hours you have already lost to excessive and unnecessary time spent sleeping! 4 hours a day X______.  


On the physiological and psychological level, we experience high levels of energy during the period following a [proper]nap.  This happens in the mornings as we practice monophasic sleep.  However, in the case of polyphasic sleep, every time you take rest (for a specified few minutes) you wake up with that same feeling of awesomeness, have clarity of mind and experience a flow of creativity.  So, this way you multiply your productive phases of each day!  


To add to this, by practising polyphasic sleeping you can reduce the total number of hours of rest your body requires.  The way this works is that in polyphasic sleep, because your body has had less sleep, it experiences stage 4 REM sleep as soon as you shut your eyes.  As we all know, during our sleep we derive maximum benefits from the REM stage of sleep.  Because polyphasic sleep helps induce stage 4 REM sleep very quickly, you require lesser hours to feel well rested.


Cut The Crap, trim the fat, you wanted  28 hour days and now you have a means to less sleep from some of the most brilliant minded individuals.


Most creative and brilliant minds were aware of these benefits of polyphasic sleep and hence practised it to get more out of their days and lives.  A great example of this sort of alternative sleeping pattern is Leonardo da Vinci.  He was a master of many domains: an expert in science, architecture, literature, astronomy, botany, sculpting, mathematics, geology, history, engineering, and, not to forget, painting!  How do you think it was possible for him excel in so many subject areas?  Yes, you guessed that right, this great man would only sleep for 15-30 minutes every 4 hours.  He was not the only one, other super-achievers like Nikola Tesla and Napoleon were also polyphasic sleepers.


There are other polyphasic sleep cycles that vary slightly from the Da Vinci sleeping schedule:

  • Uberman Cycle: This cycle involves you getting a shut-eye of 20-30 minutes every 4 hours.

  • Dymaxion Cycle: Here you sleep for 30 minutes every 6 hours.

  • Everyman Cycle: Sleep in the night for 1.5-3 hours, and then take 20 minute naps three times during the day.


  • Biphasic Cycle: This is the old school siesta method; sleep for 4-4.5 hours at night, and then rest for 90 minutes during the afternoon.


  • Tesla Cycle: A night sleep of 2 hours followed by a noon nap of 20 minutes.


See which of these cycles works best for you and experience the results first-hand.  Just make sure that while you’re making the transition to a polyphasic sleeping schedule you do not drive or indulge in any other such activity that requires you to be alert as it takes a little while to condition your body to function optimally with lesser sleep. The Converting over will be a process.  I often use polyphasic sleeping when i'm working on a HUGE project for EP.  it amps my creativity.  Once you get to the right point in life, the people around you just adapt to your cycles.


If you haven’t reached mid levels of an EmpoweredPreneur Lifestyle and want to enhance your regular sleep cycle while working on achieving your epicness,  make sure you keep your eye out for The Sub-Immortal Diet there’s a sleep like Pure Energy Section that will teach you what supplements will GREATLY  enhance your R.E.M.

Sleep Less, Take More Action an EMPOWEREDpreneur Always makes more out of less!