Cereals were one of the pioneers of food processing, turning cheap foods like corn, wheat, rice into a multi billion dollar industry. While at the same time letting us believe we’re making a healthy choice! The reason most of us say “I’m pretty healthy” is because that box of food told you so. But if those products were really healthy…we wouldn’t have a population that is 52% overweight or obese in Canada.

What’s for Breakie?

What do you eat? Vector, Cheerio’s, Kashi, Kellogs, Lucky Charms? Dump it out! There are no cereals truly worth eating, but yet the LABEL says “good source of fibre,” “high protein,” “low fat,” “no additives,” while at the same time you remember the commercial about Special K. Woman jumping off the couch full of energy, looking good, losing weight….it’s all make believe. They give you the impression that this food is a good choice. But lets take a closer look.

A box of Special K

First ingredient, RICE. second ingredient whole grains. So it must be healthy it has whole grains, right? But now look at the facts: fibre 2 g per serving (so it can’t have that many whole grains,) protein 2g, fat 0g, how satisfied will you feel Dear EMPOWEREDpreneur eating a 28g bowl with milk? I can tell you I’d be starving in 30min!


Most formed cereals go through and extrusion process, this is how dog food is also made. Extrusion process super heats and super cools the food, in the case flakes of special K This makes them faster and easier to digest and because there is little fibre, no fat and little protein you feel hungry again. From a Kellogg’s, General Mills, Nestle point of view,  this is a perfect product because you’ll probably have a second, maybe third serving which means more money in the big guy’s pockets…The more M&M’s you eat the more you buy…Food industry is a 5.3 Trillion dollar industry in the USA alone and the more they can sell you the more money they make. If you’re eating whole foods like fruit, veggies, whole cereals like oats, quinoa, farmed meats and basic dairy many big box food companies wouldn’t survive!

Another great insight: