Ground Control To Major Tom: Planet Earth is Feeling Blue

You Already know David Bowie passed away at age 69 on the night of January 10. He had been battling cancer for 18 months. At the time of his death. Although he never discovered immortality He amassed an epic entourage. Bowie, a self-made star, had a tremendously successful career as a musician. For over four decades he had been churning out one hit after another. Being a multi-instrumentalist, record producer, arranger, and painter… in addition to being a singer, was not enough for him, he also acted in movies, participated in theatre, and was a fashion icon.

Even today, he can see how many people he connected with: 5 days of Lazarus’s release on Youtube: 15 Million Views. 

You See Legacy’s are left behind when fans immortalize an aspect of you. In this case:  Music is the soul of its creator. Art is eternal, It’s one of the great things we leave behind. The greater the impact we make on peoples lives the more ripples we will leave in our abscence. 







A STAR is ‘created’

Bowie was very young when he developed an interest in music.  A passion he pursued despite the many challenges he faced along the way.  These challenges gave him some valuable insights into what it takes to achieve everlasting fame, wealth and success.  One of which was the power of creating stage personas, from  Ziggy Stardust to the Thin White Duke.  

Alter Egos and how this means business

Over the years, his many transformations helped him unlock his creativity. Whether it was his androgynous style or his colourful jumpsuits, he constantly reinvented himself. His chameleon like ability to constantly change his stage identity helped him stay relevant all through the 70s, 80s, 90s, and to this day. Reinvention is imperative, until something becomes timeless, part of our psyche needs to feel that brands we identify with are current, cutting edge, ontop of trends or have transcended and are timeless. Few things make it to the timeless phase in peoples minds so reinventing to maintain relevancy is imperative. David Bowie, The Beatles, U2 followed this for epic success, Gas Stations modernize their image for increases of upto 20 % in sales. Most successful restaurants follow the 5 year renovation rule, Clothing companies reinvent every 

3-4 months.   

The Reinventions of David Bowie or Should I say “David Bowie”

Davy Jones

Ziggy Stardust

Aladdin Sane

Major Tom

The Angel of Death

Thin White Duke

Halloween Jack

These personas are tests,  Before we open new brick and mortar stores, we will often test the market place from a concept first,  we see what responses seem to net the greatest response and ultimately sales.   Every persona helped man bornd as  David Robert Jones Test Concepts and ideas while maintaining Fresh Relevance to his fans until he became Iconic. David Bowie was the most successful market test he ever launched, this became his primary identity.


The SuperSTAR


He has inspired scores of musicians and his songs are repeatedly covered by varied artists. He has sold 140 million records worldwide. His latest album called ‘Blackstar’, released on his 69th birthday, just a few days before his death, is topping the charts everywhere. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996. He has won countless awards. He was one of the most successful rock stars! -There must be something you can learn from him.


How A Legacy is born: Passionate devotion to doing what we desire full-time.  When done correctly:  We inspire the hearts of people in a way that they feel close to our products, services, knowledge or stories and share them with people in their circle whom share it with the next generation with undieing inspiration.




We Can All Be Heroes!


  • Bowie connected with his fans. His fans were loyal to him all through the years. In such a way, he even said good bye to everyone in his final piece Lazarus. WE aren’t directly trying to create products or services ( they are byproducts), we are always learning what our customers want more of ( market testing through alter ego’s, taking that data back, learning what the next generation of customer wants…) The only way to do this is test, listen and implement future moves based on test results.

  • He was single-minded about his passion. If things get difficult you may take a part-time job for a bit BUT this is only to allow you more time to test new approaches to deliver your passions, we can’t quit or we settle and die inside. David Bowie seen through the toughest times that he was devoted taking a job in an ad agency before he became a bright shining star.

  • He understood well what his fans wanted and always over delivered through his stage performances. When you do something really great that is WAY DIFFERENT then your competition, people talk about it, the media may announce it, people first become curious, then they test, if the test is good they are open to an upsell.  Singles >Albums> T-shirts> Concerts> More Concerts and t-shirts and more albums REINVENT > exisiting fans buy your movies, grills, Major Tom the sky is the limit! ( if you continue to reinvent yourself based on what your fans and future fans desire)…. Then They become advocates and do all the selling for you. Over deliver on everything like many inforpreneurs do and if you get the Bowie-like Formula right, your products and services will sell themselves… Legacy.

  • I want to emphasize this one more time: He changed his appearanceadapted to the changing times, re-examined his musical style, and dabbled in many forms of art. Don’t lock down a one-sided business your business pursuit; keep trying new things, widen your horizons, adapt to doing great things for your customers and you will be great. There is no time for mediocracy. Mediocre things and people are forgotten fast.


  • He had an imaginative and creative approach to problem solving. He faced his share of hurdles but used to manage to reinvigorate his success by doing something out of the box! This is How Ziggy Stardust was created. Never look for cookie cutter solutions, when sales are low, don’t blame the economy analyze your current situation and find a new way to REINVENT, OVER DELIVER, GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT, and Rekindle their curiousity to desire what you have.

  • OUR Success Persona Creates Successful business solutions. David Bowie always dressed up in character for interviews. You always have to look & play the part, This is how I got out of country job offers with unlimited air travel when I was 17. Always give your customers something that is desirable. Now matter how you feel, Be your successful self if you have to meet with team mates or customers, You will feel better and get more done.

“Take your protein pills and put your helmet on” Bowie did great things it’s a shame he had to deal with Cancer, Hopefully you don’t here are some tips to prevent the disease from spreading into your life:




Fortify yourselves against cancer–


  1. To begin with, eliminate cancer causing foods from your daily diet


  1. GMO

  2. White Sugar

  3. White Flour

  4. Farmed Salmon

  5. Carbonated Drinks

  6. Hydrogenated Oils

  7. Tinned Tomatoes

  8. Processed Meats

  9. Potato Chips

  10. Microwave Popcorn

  11. Alcohol

  12. Red Meat

  13. Non-Organic Fruits

  14. Diet Food.

  15. Artificial Sweeteners

  16. Packaged and smoked food


  1. Fill yourself up with these cancer fighting foods


  1. Cumin

  2. Oregano

  3. Ginger

  4. Saffron

  5. Cinnamon

  6. Fennel

  7. Omega 3

  8. Cruciferous Vegetables

  9. Berries

  10. Maitake and Shiitake Mushrooms

  11. Tumeric

  12. Tomatoes

  13. Folate

  14. Garlic

  15. Grapes

  16. Conclusion


Keep in mind that cancer cells may take root and proliferate when: 


  1. The immune system is weakened

  2. You suffer from many kinds of toxicity

  3. You have nutritional deficiencies


May this help in you  leaving a long prosperous legacy