Human life during the hunter-gatherer era was obviously very active: chasing prey, dodging predators, making tools, mating in the cold and gathering food. This may have been when the human race evolved the most in terms of our mental capacity and physicality unless ofcourse We are bits and pieces of Adam & Eve ;)… Everybody Says Remember your roots! Consequently, all of us today carry those caveman genes.  




Our genes, due to the way we evolved in the Paleolithic epoch, are programmed for a different lifestyle, diet, and exercise. In recent times we have come to realize that if our eating habits are similar to those of our cavemen ancestors then we can ward off MANY of the modern day chronic diseases. Similarly, if our exercise regimes resemble the exertion pattern of the Paleo man then we can achieve Supreme Health… They Holy Grail of the Empoweredpreneur that allows us to FEEL Sub-immortal!


Fact is that our ancestors did not run long distances; they did not indulge in the kind of physical activity that has similar effects on our body as most of the popular, long cardio or aerobics workouts we practise these days.


Ancient humans would either hunt or be hunted. Both, the quest for getting their prey and escaping from the predators, involved short bursts of physical action.  Basically a human with a built in NOS switch

P.A.C.E is physical training that has been designed by Dr Al Sears to mimic the kind of physical action that is natural to us due to our evolutionary history.  It constitutes short exercise sets of three to four minutes of varying intensity with short periods of recovery between sets.

It’s like excercising in Fast Forward pressing the pause button and Fast Forwarding again! Similar to how the Roadrunner bolts and comes to a complete stand still.

  • The total time spent on exercising in a P.A.C.E workout is not more than 20 minutes. Perfect for EMPOWEREDpreneurs!

  • Highly Effective for Burning Fat.  

During most longer duration routines you begin to burn fat after 20 minutes or so of exercising.  Over a period of time your body starts storing up fat to meet the fat-burning demands of the exercise regime.  So, despite burning fat while exercising, the fat never really goes away!  

Dr Sears P.A.C.E workout does not cross 20 minutes; it burns carbs instead of fats.  After you are done exercising your body begins to burn fats to replace the carbs utilized earlier on.

Just brilliant, isn’t it!  

  • Builds Lung-Power

P.A.C.E is makes your lungs a powerhouse by working on your respiratory muscles.  It pushes your lungs, gradually and consistently, every day to increase its output through short intense exercises.  

Progressively you increase your lung capacity.




  • Boosts Heart Health

Additionally, P.A.C.E exercises the heart.  The workout focuses on getting your heart to achieve the desired increased heart rate post exercise faster, and the intervals of rest help it get back to its normal rate faster.  

This process over a period of time increase your heart’s strength and reserve capacity. In times of stress, it is this higher capacity that comes to your heart’s rescue. So, P.A.C.E reduces risk of heart attack and loads it up with tons of energy and power. It’s a true principle of the EMPOWEREDpreneur embodied in an excercise.

  • Progressive, incremental increases

The key feature of this routine is that it is designed for literally everybody!  Irrespective of what your heart and lung capacity is at the start; with consistent and progressive practice you can gradually increase it.

Basically, you train your body to do more and to do it ‘quickly’ by incremental increases in your workout routine. Suppose you want to develop your biceps while you are body building and on day 1 your capacity is a certain amount of pounds. What you would do is practise lifting those pounds on a daily basis and then as you get better at lifting those weights you keep adding more pounds.  

This is exactly what you do in the case of P.A.C.E; you make incremental progress building on your heart and lung capacity.

  • Accelerating

Another important characteristic is acceleration.  What this means is that you reduce the time taken for the short bursts of exercises further as you progress.  

If you are doing an exercise for 3 minutes to increase your heart rate and be out of breath then try to reach that same level of exertion in 2.5 minutes and similarly shorten your ‘break-time’ to experience the same level of rest as before.

So, this way, by building your reserve capacity and by reducing the time taken by your body to access this capacity through acceleration you almost eliminate the risk of a heart attack. Isn’t that awesome? I’ve been using this in my excercise regime for 13 years and let me tell you, I FEEL AWESOME!


Optimal health is yours for the taking. Start Bursting your excercises TODAY!

Create your P.A.C.E training routine. You can begin with brisk walks, jogs, runs, or sprints, do laps in the pool, or any other exercise at a pace comfortable for you yet still challenging!. Do one set till you are out of breath. Then rest. Do one more set. Push yourself a little harder this time. Rest again. Repeat this a few times. Remember that this should be ideally 3-4 sets and the time taken for exercising and the breaks in total should not be more than 20 minutes. What a great system for busy people! most people exercise for an hour, by doing the PACE system you get an extra 40 minutes to do the things you LOVE!