Is your busy work life keeping you from a
healthy diet? Do you rely on fast foods to fuel you during the day? How are
these food making you feel? Energetic and motivated or tired and lethargic?

A few healthy changes will increase your energy,
boost your mood, enhance your work creativity, overall performance and make you
a much happier person to be around.

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Hey Adults and Kids, The Following “Stunts” and methods are something you must Surely Try at home!, at work, Any Where! 😉 Karen’s Team at Simply For Life & their practices are fantastic and the products they carry have found their way into my cupboards and into my diet! I was so impressed by what they do, I wanted to make sure they would share their secrets with you! ~Sean Kastner~

Here are 3 easy tips to eating healthy that
EVERY EMPOWEREDpreneur should know:

1.     You know you should eat a healthy breakfast here’s an example:

1.     We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.Why? Well…Whole foods that are high in fibre and nutrients are the best way to fuel yor brain and get your motor running. Your metabolism needs healthy energy to start working. Choose a breakfast cereal such a whole oats and add fruit or berries for sweetness. Then add some protein such as greek yogurt or nuts to keep you feeling full for longer. 

2.     Pack you lunch the night before.

1.     When you walk out the door empty handed, chances are you are going
to eat whatever fast food chain is closest. Buy a container that you can use
everyday to pack your lunch in. Pack nutrient dense foods such as kale, spinach, pre-baked yams, avocado and some baked chicken breast. You’ll be surprised how much energy you have and how much better you feel!  Planning for Success is neccessary being spontaneous OFTEN ends in pit stops at fast food joints.

3. Bring snack with you on the go.  

        More often than not we get hungry midday. Before you know it you are grabbing a snack from the vending machine high in sugar and unhealthy fats that will add to other cravings. Foods such
a carrot sticks, hardboiled egg, sliced red pepper or an apple are easy to eat
while you work. Keeping these foods on hand will help keep the hunger pangs
away and all the while supply your brain with some healthy nutrients. Eat clean
to think clearly!

  • To reiterate: Good breakfasts can be fast and Really healthy if you want to use Greek Yogurt, Nuts, berries and other smart choices.
  • Plan for success! make your lunch the night before, so many people rush out of their homes in morning to fail by grabbing fast food at lunch time.
  • Bring Healthy Snacks with you, you’ll only be tempted by what’s in your snack bag rather than what is in the convenience store!
  • If you want more info on healthy Lifestyle choices and diets as effective as  The Sub-Immortal Diet, look below!