Do most food
producers really care about OUR HEALTH?

As an EMPOWEREDpreneur you’re an outta the box thinker, especially when trying to build your business. Ever feel like banging your head against the wall? We DO! Coaching on healthy eating is at times very challenging. 

As a dietitian/healthy eating coach, food companies want me promoting their products. The latest being Pepsico Canada, they sent letters asking us to  promote their products. They were even signed by PhD Nutritional Scientists…some of whom used to be my professors.  These companies care about one thing: PROFIT

Which inspires
this advice:

Think for yourself

PepsiCo wanted to convince me that Orange Juice works “synergistically” (together) with Quaker instant Oatmeal to help increase iron absorption. Which is true. Oats has about 6g of iron per 100ml and Vitamin C from OJ helps our body absorb it. However, I would never encourage clients to eat Quaker instant oatmeal and drink Tropicana juice. Juice is sugar water with a few vitamins, not much different from pop. What I would recommend is to eat the WHOLE fruit to get all the vitamins/minerals and fibre. And there are better choices than instant oatmeal, like steel cut oats (Recipe below).

Beware of
health claims

Health claims have one main purpose, to sell products! Like the word “synergistically” or high in fibre, low in fat, a source of Vitamin D. There are some standards around writing health claims. For example low fat means the product contains less than 3g per serving size. But all in all labels are there to sell you on the product.

Real food doesn’t need a label!



Forget the food claims and shop around the outside of the store, fresh meats, dairy, fruits, veggies, and a few things from bulk like oats, seeds, beans. You’ll rarely have to decipher a label because none of those foods have a label. Healthy is the most understated, Unbranded
food in the store.
   For More info on Food Labeling click here


cup large cut oats or steel cut oats

cup quinoa flakes

cup chia seeds or ground flax

cup hemp or pumpkin seeds

Mix it all together. Makes about 15x 60g servings. To serve, add hot water and boil till tender. Add 1/2 cup greek yogurt and 1 cup berries and you’re off to a great early morning start!