Our body responds to stimuli. The air we breathe, the food we eat, basically, everything that enters our system one way or another affects our wellbeing and productivity.  If it drains us, we finds ways to rejuvenate so we can unleash our inner awesomeness!

Empoweredpreneurs use these tried, tested and successful to help them cope with stress and rekindle their flames.

  1. Increase your Energy & Creativity by 20% with this breathing technique

  • Tissue oxygenation is responsible for all the bodily functions and endurance.

  • Taking longer and slower breaths increases the oxygen saturation in your cells.  While improper breathing leads to oxygen deficiency.  

  • In addition to this, a healthy breathing rhythm, which is deep and slow, increases creativity and induces relaxation by boosting alpha waves in your brain.  Wait for the Kinetitate Program. a kinetic meditation you can do any time, any where and anyplace.

  • Breathing exercises are helpful in decreasing the respiratory rate which has a long-term positive impact on your lung capacity and function.  

    One of the most important life lessons given to me about well being:  The Deeper and more natural you breathe, the more powerful you feel, less reactionary and more grounded you become.  2 of my mentors have ENFORCED this with me “Sean you’re paying me a pretty penny and if you take anything from me for elevating your energy, mind and success, it’s continuous deep diaphragmatic breathing,  look at all the greats no matter athletes or epic business mogul’s, most  have Deep calm breathing patterns. You need to breathe this way!”

Here’s a challenging way you can do it so you don’t just assume your an expert breather: 

You can bring awareness to your breath by practising alternate nostril breathing daily, for 5 minutes or so.  It is known as the Nadi Shodhan Pranayama in yoga. I’ve used this for extended periods of time, it helps destress, enhances creativty and nets you way better performance results on all your acitivities after you use it!

  1. Sit down on a chair or on the floor, in a traffic jam, when your good, you can do it in line-ups too! 😉 . Be comfortable.

  2. Your spine should be erect.

  3. Close your eyes softly.

  4. Keep a gentle smile on your face.

  5. Let the tip of your tongue gently rest against the top palate behind the upper teeth.

  6. Rest your left hand on your left knee, palm facing upward with the tips of your thumb and index finger joining at the tips.

  7. Place the tips of your right hand’s index and middle fingers on your forehead between your eyebrows, the thumb on the right nostril and the ring finger on the left nostril.

  8. First breathe out of the left nostril while your thumb is pressed against the right nostril.

  9. Then, with your thumb still pressed against right nostril, breathe in through the left nostril.

  10. Now press the left nostril with the ring finger and remove the thumb from the right nostril.  Exhale through right nostril with the ring finger pressing down the left nostril.

  11. Inhale through the right nostril.

  12. Then back to step 8 and repeat.

  13. Always remember to breathe in from the same nostril that you breathe out through.

  1. Harness the Power of Brainwave Activity

The creation of a third signal by the brain when two different signals of varying frequencies are presented in each ear is called a binaural beat.  Basically, this signal is equal to the difference between those two frequencies.

By creating this third signal you can lower your brainwave activity by taking it into Alpha, Theta & Delta states– which activate relaxation. You can also, stimulate cognitive function and focus better by using binaural sounds for lifting your brainwaves into the beta realm.

Binaural beats are also effective for balancing the activity of the right and left parts of your brain which is known as hemispheric synchronicity.

Due its powerful impact on brain activity this audio technology is now widely available, so use it to achieve a zen-like state and perfected in the soon to be released Kinetitate program.

  • Use a quiet and comfortable place for sitting down and listening to these binaural sounds.

  • Anything between 15-30 minutes is good for reaping the benefits of this listening activity.  

  • Stereo headphones are a must as binaural beats work only when both your ears hear two different signals at the same time. I used the Holosync program in my early 20’s I found in an OMNI magazine, It had great results, I made something better, you will have to wait for it or if you can’t Here’s HOLOSYNC

  1. The Wonder of Visualization

One of the oldest and most effective techniques for unwinding and restoring your mental & physical health.

There are audios guides available that help you calm down by giving your directions on what to to visualise, alternately you can do it by yourself by following these simple steps-

  • Sit with your spine erect or lie down.

  • Close your eyes.

  • You can play soft music in the background, sounds of running water or the forest.

  • Use an aromatic candle or an incense stick.

  • Take slow and deep breaths.

  • Now visualise a place that has been a source of peace and calm for you, it could be the beach, the valley, or you could even try imagining white light.

  • Feel it; whichever place you are visualising, experience it in its entirety- feel the breeze against your skin, the fragrances in the air, the sounds of that place and take it all in.

  • Practice this for 10 minutes. 

  • You could do it before you go to bed as it will de-stress you and help you fall asleep easily. Or you could do it during a break in the day to help you deal in an empowered way with work pressure. Shakti Gawain has an amazing book called “.Creative Visualization” It’s VERY effective and helps develop more of your visionary and creative skills. If you can visualize anything you increase the liklihood of it happening. This Book transformed my teens into a visionary year it helped engineer my/our art movement “Ecclectic collectivism” (we’ll talk more about that next time you tune in)

  1. You’re “Partially Solar Power”—>Tap Into The Sun’s Limitless Power

Step out in the sun every day. Take a walk. It need not be a long one. Just enough to benefit from the vitamin D rich sunlight. The warm rays of the sun have rejuvenating effect on your body & mind.

You were not supposed to be in artificial light so long hours at work bring you down and makes you anxious.  Sunlight uplifts your mood and re-energises you.

Take a walk in the afternoon as exposure to the sun around noon is best for getting maximum vitamin D synthesis benefits,

What’s more, it will help you absorb calcium better and keep your bones in good health! Also, walks increase the flow of oxygen and glucose to your brain.

Think about it, almost every time you must’ve taken a walk in the afternoon it has always lifted your spirits to a degree. It’s a pattern interuptor that allows you to break-free from burdens & rekindle your power. After I finish a major mental task, I always take a brisk break like an outside walk or cycle, It keeps me functioning at ultimate levels for a lot longer! Do it regularly! It’s an obvious and awesome revitalizer!!

  1. Boost Your Oxygen Intake

Your body requires sufficient oxygen supply to produce energy; lack of oxygenation leads to fatigue.


You need to eat right, exercise, and breathe right to supply your brain with enough oxygen.

WE already covered a VERY IMPORTANT breathing excercise, lets look at other areas:

  • Food is one of the primary catalysts for better oxygen transportation within the body.

Eat alkaline food; eat as many green leafy vegetables as possible to decrease acidity. Alkalinity and iron rich food boosts oxygen carrying capacity of tissues:

  1. Kale

  2. Spinach

  3. Certain Sprouts

  4. Grass fed red meat

  5. Raw almonds… There’s much more in our book The Sub-Immortal Diet coming soon!


  6.      short exercise sets of three to four minutes of varying intensity with short periods of recovery between sets. 

    Jog, run, swim, basically any exercise at a pace comfortable for you. Do one set till you are out of breath. Then rest. Do one more set. Remember, the total workout time, including rest-time, should not be more than 20 minutes. This gets the oxygen PUMPING!


  7. PACE helps the blood to carry oxygen through the arteries more effectively.


    Invest in oxygen enhancing products


    • CoQ10 —  I use this EVERY SINGLE DAY! be careful of qualities, there’s lots of crap out there, I use:
    • Plants in every corner of your office, in the day time they create extra oxygen for you,  scoot out unless your a night hawk like me when they start producing C02 
    •  Concentrated H20… Water really does help your cells transport oxygen. make sure you are NEVER dehydrated. 
    •  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy a.k.a HBOT- Sounds like it might be out in left field, Lots of people are having AMAZING results with this, I like to combine things t get 2x’s and 3x’s results- lets try TM meditation in HBOT chambers! 😉


  1. Create Your Own Key-up, Hype-up, or BOOSTER Ritual/routine.

Mind over matter is important,  when we signal to the body we need more energy, we train it to get more energy, use the same mechanisms to do it, it gets more and more and more POWERFUL!    Matial artists use key-up sounds tones and actions before they do something impressive.  Athletes use Warm-ups,  and YOU fellow EMPOWEREDpreneur might use one of THESE or your own Boosters!:

  • mantras and breating:  I increase my breathing before i have a BIG meeting or project,  I keep breathing and I repeat this in my mind:  I Feel Awesome I do Awesome, I am Awesome, I keep running it through my mind until i resonate with it
  • Wash your face with peppermint soap peppermint is a stimulant!
  • Give your self a huge positive pep talk about how amazing your going to perform and feel how powerful you are and nail it!
  • Stretch behind close doors before you open em and tackle your day like a champ!
  • If nobodies looking or if you don’t care, jog on the spot, More blood, more oxygen, MORE BRAIN POWER
  • make your self a lemon water, drink it and KNOW it’s boosting you now
  • play YOUR theme song and sing hum or feel it!
  • do a self check, see if you need water, protein or a stretch, YOUR body will let you know, you just have to listen to it.
  • Any positive self pumping chat is awesome, you have to awaken your inner coach.  think about how every athletes coach pep talks them,  do this to yourself. If you still need more, I offer EP Coaching session packages, reach out to me for more info.

Alright! enough reading! Pump yourself up, It’s time to do something EPIC!