The life of Appreciation with hints of luxury  infused with an adventure comes with a certain way of life, a discipline you will either agree with this, or you have already incorporated this into your attitude.  Enjoy the moment!




an Emoweredpreneur is free from their past and lives in this moment, away from Regret and thinking of yesterday.  Yesterday was only a lesson,  a moment to appreciate how far we’ve come and muster up the energy to continue our ascent to the top.

    • Empoweredpreneurs have no blame of People and events  for the circumstances that have shaped them and their life. They choose to influence/control as many necessary variables to shape the life the way they want to live. They  accept the things that they can’t change in their circle of influence ( unless of course  they want to grow that circle and change the planet’s Collective reality)
    • An EP  Has no regrets, every experience has been a teacher to bring them to who they are now and who they will become tomorrow.

Living in this moment Gives Us more power, If We invest energy in “The Now”  like seeds they grow into Emotional &/or Financial rewards.  “A Fisherman can’t catch more fish today if he is too busy being upset about not catching any fish yesterday”


Pillar One is a foundation laying principle that makes sure we are focusing on the correct moment, This Moment and what it will lead to.  Focus on the past, our future will starve,  Put too much energy into this Moment without regard for the future, Retirement will suck.  Put too much energy into plans, they will just turn into unmanifested dreams and the first step will never be taken.  so:


We need this in balance>>> The Past is a lesson we take to make this moment better allowing us to steer towards our destination of a progressively prosperous Future ( & ultimate legacy building outcome)