oralist say that It takes 7 days to seed a new behavior.  I hear crack takes only one day ( snicker) The better & More rewarding the habit [often] the longer conditioning UNTIL you get its Benefits/Rewards.

Successful people have something That the majority of “average” people don’t:   a routine that addresses the importance of these pillars of performance:


  • Short term planning & Review
  • Disciplined Exercise
  • Enrichening mind/body
  • maintenance activities


These activities become daily rituals that we calibrate ourselves to.  Routines like intense Exercise- it helps  us push the bar to a new intensity and discipline.  We push our boundaries to Grow & be better..


EP Accelerator tip:  Always Exceed Your Goals, even if it’s by a small amount.  if you say you’re going to jog a mile, go a Mile and a 1/16>>> how you do one thing is how you do everything. this will put you on the path to being an over-achiever


We need to do routine growth activities that are Consistent & Progressive.  If we push, we build momentum.   this calibrates us to CONTINUE to  push ourselves to do better at these activities  through the rest of our day aswell.  

— (  the Dark Side: remember if people choose to travel the path of least resistance, they wane, & slowly fade. As they age they find comfort zones which are actually ruts and ultimately: lose mobility, drive, and speed up cognitive decline)–


Back to the BRIGHT SIDE—> If we push our self to do things that are progressive and do them consistently this becomes a habit and habits that are practiced long enough become reflexes.     People that push, achieve and become more successful.


Through Exercise -we push our motivational level every day

Through Daily planning– We push direction, focus and awareness of due dates , this drives us to move forward

From Enrichening Our Minds:  We learn new skills and challenge our minds with exercises, this keeps us sharp and expands our possibilities

From Enrichening Our Bodies:  Nutrients make us stronger, give us more energy and prevent diseases giving us the power to achieve more of what we want in this life.

From Maintaining our lives:  We are mindful of all our possessions, relationships, responsibilities & what they need to thrive. This makes our life better with less problems.  It lubricates our chances of success in all areas.


 If I never pushed forward, I would have remained a Sub-catatonic, Manic Depressive with chronic fatigue…  Instead by pushing myself to be awesome,  Here I am today with This Routine:

First thing in the morning:


  • 2 Glasses of alkalized water,
  • 1 cup of dandelion coffee with a capful of coconut oil and some cinnamon and unpasteurized honey
  • 20 minutes reading something interesting in Health, Science, Business or marketing, something I can grow with and change my life.
  •  6KM bike ride,
  • 15 minutes of  Tai-Chi,
  •  4 minutes of Prayer,
  • 10 minutes of Kinetitate:\ an energy enhancing and balancing exercise inspired from Shaolin Monks,
  • a fast shower to my favourite music mixes form Google Play,
  • a slick shave
  • and of course An amazing Smoothie from the Sub-Immortal Diet
  • and a revisit of The Agenda to recalculate what priorities I MUST finish today before I get rewarded with some form of entertainment.



This is the recipe of success I use day in and day out, I use this to stay in check, the goal is to feel awesome and use this to recalibrate to increase the degree of how awesome I feel.

“Routines nurtures Progression:  it’s part of what turns tumbleweeds into straw huts, Straw huts into wood cabins and cabins into kingdoms.” ~Sean Kastner~ 2015

 If you look the part and  MOST IMPORTANTLY feel the part,  you will Do whatever it take and be an Empowered Rock Star of your day.  but… no once in a whiles, your routine  has to be consistent. even if it consistently is every second day… Nike said Just Do It.   Sean K Says DO WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!!  


EP Success Builder:  If you have a weak Routine that isn’t progressive nor consistent do a 14 day challenge, choose 1,2 or three things you Promise you will do everyday. if you do them, reward yourself with A treat and know you made it to day 14 which is a great notion that this progressive routine has turned into a habit. Now storm the world with your discipline, motivation & energy, let the world know you’re amazing and  be an EMPOWEREDpreneur!
Do What You Want, When You Want; For However Long You Want!


  Next topic is:  The Power of your Word!  stay tuned as we Go To THE TOP!!!