Free Energy.   As free as the air you breathe.  There’s much speculation whether Thomas Edison’s one time apprentice, Nikola Tesla, had worked out the physics behind creating energy out of thin air! That’s right, CLEAN ENERGY that does not come from carbon dioxide releasing fossil fuel.


Nikola Tesla, inventor, physicist, electrical & mechanical engineer, and a visionary, was born Croatia in 1856. At the young age of 24, he invented the induction motor. In 1884, he moved to the United States to work for Thomas Alva Edison. That relationship did not last long though. He soon quit working for Edison and began working on his own to develop the ‘system of alternating current.’ When he passed away ten years later in a shady hotel in New York, the US government confiscated his notes, all of which they later claimed to have shipped to Yugoslavia.  These c;)ould be a blueprint to save the world SO, IF YOU FIND THEM on your empowered travels, Contact me at 780.719.0865 I'll be delighted to help you build the vision 😉


…The nature of most of his speculative inventions would have changed the social structure of society ( would have help bridge the gap between poor and rich, 1st and 3rd world). this posed a threat to the global elite so not much has been revealed about what was in those papers.  How much money could GE make if electricity was infact free?

What Tesla claimed in his ‘free energy receiver’ patent is that his solar panels could capture sun’s rays and other sources of radiant energy, and convert it into energy through an electrical output. However this was no ordinary solar panel as it does not need sunshine to function and would continue to generate/ convert energy  through the night. He suggested that ground too was a reservoir of negative energy.


Basically, his invention would have meant that with the Earth is a conductor of energy, we could all get electricity for free by sticking a rod into the ground!


Urban legend or not, we’ll can only come to know when maverick Nikola Tesla’s notes are made public. In fact, there probably are many such inventions that he has mentioned in those papers that we all need to see. They may be greater than Da Vinci,  One of the most under-appreciated Empoweredpreneurs,  You can learn from his mistakes by sharing your greatest ideas with worthy Empoweredpreneurs in your trusted circle.  Make great ideas public knowledge that The Super-Commerce powers won't be able to take!   

Great People don't often strive to paddle in the river, they strive to change the course of the river!