Conflicts are red flags.  When we are aware  there’s an internal, Financial, Emotional, or Social Conflict, they signify Someting is wrong with either your decision, approach or position.


Until you fix this shortcoming  Asset and/or personal losses will continue to leak or drain out until you learn what RESOLVING ACTION you need to take!


As The bible says “know thy enemy”   EP’s Seeks to Know The Cause of Conflict, Disect it until you can sum it up into a an easy to teach lesson.  You will save this soon to be learnt lesson for other people that have similar conflicts.  and share your lessons to shine light how to avoid troubled times similar to what you had to go through.

If you learn to teach, you learn to do it well.  Know the root of the conflict,  If you have access to an EP mastermind group to get a wisdomatic opinion from Super Successful people, it helps to get a viable opinion before you implement a solution


The problem will keep haunting you until you release it by resolving it.  Remember some solutions need to be maintained, so be disciplined if you want to succeed!   You may save a plants life by watering it once But you will have to water or have it watered  again & again..




Empoweredpreneurs seek to Resolve Conflict , small fires Turn into forest fires if left out of check.

  • Conflicts create  Enemies, Negativity and decline. If Conflict is resolved, it creates: Growth, harmony, and lessons to be shared as wisdom–> A GREAT social currency.




It’s T.E.A Time:   Take Empowered Action!

These are the Questions you need to ask yourself.

My problem appears to be:

Why did this happen?

Why did I allow that to happen?

What can  I do stop this from continuing?

What do I need to do to quickly & Effectively resolve this?

What is the Actual lesson I can pass on to other people in my circle?

here is a Worksheet you can Fill out, save or print and use later 


There you have it, this is a basic T.E.A. Work sheet.  It allows You to peel a few layers of the onion so you can get as close to the source of the problem as possible,  If the problem pops up again, you have to “Dig Deeper” to getting to the solution or you haven’t properly implemented the plan.  The rule in filling out this sheet is there is no scape goating, You have to accept full responsibility.   Because my Client or <insert name>  made me do it doesn’t work, Instead:   I allowed myself to be gullible and didn’t research the person acting on authority before I took their advice…  is closer to an Empowered Lesson. Even:  I used bad judgement and should do a character reference check next time is better than saying ” I had nothing to do with it, it was all their fault”     Victims vs Leaders & Life changers.


Properly assess and take action immediately before small problems turn out to be giant lessons… A wise person says time will heal all wounds,  The Darkside of the coin is this: problems allowed to continue to grow is like a cancer to your success.


fix it now.

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