An EmpowerdPreneur Knows:  the better they communicate, the quicker they get what they want. This Is your Big Chance.  to learn more about the art of the sales letter… it's all based on persuasion.  If your great on writing, this is a good refresher.  If you are venturing into writing more, this is a GREAT formula.  Writing with this style will make you a greater writer and persuader.


Self-confessed marketing freak, and a well respected sales guru, David Frey, has written down the 12 commandments for the perfect sales letter.  It will be your loss in sales  if you do not make use of the framework he has provided for writing a highly effective sales letter.


Before you begin to write your sales copy, you must first understand the mental processes that all potential buyers go through.


Universal motivators: All people are basically motivated to do something, including buying, by two fundamental factors-


  • Possibility of a gain
  • Fear of loss


Much study in this area proves that out of these two factors, it is the fear of loss that is the BIGGER motivator.


Frey goes ahead and breaks this down further to 8 basic aspirations:

  1. To be wealthy
  2. To be good looking
  3. To be healthy
  4. To be popular
  5. To have security
  6. To achieve inner peace
  7. To have free time
  8. To have fun


Each person’s actions are dictated by one of these, some of these, or all of these.  To sell any service or product a seller MUST address one of these aspirations.  By doing that it becomes easier to make a sales pitch.  


Here are David Frey’s essential 12-steps that will help you convert potential customers with every sales letter:


  1. Attention


    1. Your marketing mailer/letter should have headline that works to get people to read further.  People rarely bother to read something that does not catch their fancy right away.  Attention spans work that way!  So, make sure the heading has some of these time-tested winners, as recommended by Frey:

      1. "HOW TO _____________________"
      2. "SECRETS OF _________________ REVEALED!"
      3. WARNING: DON'T EVEN THINK OF ___________ UNTIL YOU ___________.


  1. Highlight the Problem


    1. People live in comfort zones and avoid acknowledging their problems so you need to SPELL IT OUT for them.
    2. Do so by giving them examples of the worst case scenario as this will provide them with the required perspective.
    3. Make them realize what the absence of your product or service could lead to___________________________________.  
    4. For example, if the service being provided is that of sales copywriting then present them with a scenario where they can see that by not hiring the requisite services the losses (in numbers) they will make


  1. Present the Solution


    1. By this stage you have generated interest and brought their attention to the problem; now is when you provide them with a solution.  You do so by:

      1. Introducing yourself and your product or service.
      2. Pointing out how the problem/s can be solved with your product/service.


  1. State your Credentials


    1. You have made them aware of their problem and offered to solve their problem however this does not mean that they’re willing to trust you.  You need to differentiate yourself from others making similar claims.  You do this by:

      1. Presenting them with successful case studies.
      2. Providing references/ testimonials.
      3. Sharing the number of years that you have been operating your business.
      4. Events you were invited to as a speaker.
      5. Awards and recognition.


  1. Stress on the benefits


    1. Share the features with the reader.
    2. And then, share in detail the benefits that each feature will bring to the reader.  People want to know how a product or service will do them good and not just what qualities it holds so be sure to give them a list of the benefits.


  1. Use Testimonials To Support your Claims


    1. The list of benefits should be supported by testimonials as your word will never be enough; they need to hear about the benefits from a customer who has experienced it first-hand.
    2. Share the pictures, names, and some other details of the customers providing the testimonials (post their approval that is).
    3. This will make your prospective customers believe in your claims.


  1. Now, Go Ahead With your Offer


    1. This is your ultimate sales pitch.   Irrespective of how well written the rest of the letter is, if what you are offering is not worthy then you will not be able to convert the prospective customer.
    2. Work on a price, terms and some other, additional offer that will get the prospect to consider the deal seriously.
    3. Usually a free gift, lower price for a short period of time, Launch offering,  opportunity to pay installments or extended warranty entices people to make a purchase


  1. Nothing Works Like A Guarantee


    1. People have apprehensions about buying any product or service, they feel that they are going to get the raw end of the deal.  So offer a ‘Money Back’ guarantee.
    2. People need guarantees to be able to trust the claims you are making.  If your product or service is good then they will not abuse the guarantee being offered.
    3. Have confidence in your product/service and your customers. The guarantee is an extension of that and your prospects will see it as that.
    4. Also, state clearly why you are willing to make an offer of a guarantee; transparency is good as it tells the customer that the guarantee is not because your product lacks in something but because you are in a position to make such an offer (it could be because it is holiday season, you have excess stock or any other such reasons).


  1. Convey that this is a ‘limited offer’


    1. Despite following all of the above steps you may still not be able to convert the customer as people tend to:

      1. Procrastinate
      2. Avoid doing something outside their comfort zone
      3. Have a short-term memory and forget about the offer quickly
      4. Or prioritize other things that they perceive as urgent
    2. So add a sense of urgency.  Specify that the offer is limited .
    3. Once they realize that the offer is limited they will be motivated to make a decision regarding the purchase.

      1. You could set a time limit (offer valid till date).
      2. Or, make the offer available to only a limited number of buyers.
    4. It is important to note that you absolutely should not go back on your ‘limited offers’ as this will have an adverse effect on your future offers.  So, make a wise offer and STICK TO IT!


  1. Call-To-Action


    1. Make sure that you clearly point out the steps the prospect needs to take to make the purchase. Use words like-

      1. Visit our store between so and so time
      2. Call now at —
      3. Fill This Form and Mail It Today!
      4. sign-up here —-
      5. Cick To Own Now
      6. Find out more on this no —-
    2. Be clear and concise


  1. Once again, spell out their problems


    1. Remind the reader of what they stand to lose if they do not take up your offer.
    2. Stress on how their problems cannot be solved unless they purchase your product/service.
    3. Specify how their problems will multiply if they do not do anything about it soon.
    4. The aim of this step is to re-establish the feeling of fear-of-loss so that it prompts buying action at their end.


  1. Finally, mention again the highlights of your offer


    1. This has been proven to have a big impact on the readers.
    2. People give importance to post-scripts so make use of that.
    3. Choose what you best want to convey through the post-script:

      1. This could be some of awesome benefits of your product/service.
      2. The guarantee being offered.
      3. The time, or other, limits of the offer.
      4. Or the Call-To-Action.


Follow these steps every time you write a sales copy and you will Empower Both Writing and your understanding of getting another sale.

Some other tips that will help you with your writing:

  • Know your target audience before you begin on your letter.  Spend some time in drawing out a profile of who you are selling to.  This is a basic of all selling activity, including a sales letter.
  • Spend a lot of time in listing the features and benefits of your product/service.  You cannot afford to miss out any.
  • All writing needs editing.  When you are done writing the sales letter, go back to it after a day and you will spot errors that you might’ve missed out otherwise.  Basically, do not try to edit it right after you are done writing it.  

Alright EmpoweredPreneur! you are ready to hone your skills of being a SUPER Persuader!