Do you have an overwhelming feeling when you think about how much effort creating content for your website is?

Have you thought of or hired someone to manage all your content?  It's a Daunting task. I SAID ITS A DAUNTING TASK!!!

You have to write blogs,
from blogs you need snippets of information,
they must be socially stimulating for your social media readers so they transmit
 your positive Marketing infection…
…never mind that you have to feed different stipulations like character counts and images with 4 other social media Viralnesses…
Now you need to entice people to sign up for freebees on your email list or lead magnets which also have to be engineered,   some how a newsletter has to be thrown together so your email list is properly segmented and engaged.
That's Damn over whelming consider you still have to grow your sales, manage your internal relations  or put faith into partners, freelancers or even employees.
Everything I said is imperative to your E-marketing Machine…    SPREAD YOUR BRAND! You'll give off a   sigh of relief when we start reverse engeneering your Viralness content generator:
Lets use a Marketing hack:
  1. Write blog posts you know are engaging,   blogs that get interaction get flagged to be positive content
  2. Really good blogs get turned into bribes, or lead magnets,  people will sign-up to get them when you make them a whitepaper, ezine, ebook….  this creates more leads
  3. Your pretty good content gets used as newsletter material, we will drive them back to your blog and internally promote on offer from your company on the page too.. all this writing has to start positioning them for a solution:  Your product
  4. Quotes from your blog get snipped and used for social media   ( make sure you put a sign-up link at the top of your posts when possible.  You can use a power point image to create your sign-ups  like the one I provided you with –> right here    use this to create your quotes and upload them as jpegs to your social sites.
  5. Use your blogs and your social site links in your auto-repsonders as engagement series to engage your users and show the value of your before and as you are asking for a sale.
  6. Take the most successful blog posts (measured by shares, likes etc) as a formula on how you should write your future blogs, A test that teaches you to get better & better.
  7. Keep on creating blogs > to make more lead magents> to add interesting quotes to your social media> to fill your newsletter> to get more leads> to find more customers.

That's the lifecycle of your Propagating VIRALness content multiplying, morphing business creation!  You know the formula now only use this in the name of good!  Now You Content Morphing Power Scribing Ranger!  lets  Spread your content like a desireable virus!