1. Do a 15 minute work out once a day.  It’s better than nothing and if you follow something similar to The P.A.C.E. exercise system you will get maximum benefit using what we call BURST techniques,


     Go as hard as you can for 10 seconds or more,( like almost redline)  then got to a cool down pace for 20-50 seconds.  Keep adjusting the pace until you feel like you’ve had a great work out, You need to push your limits in bursts, the body evolves better this way.


  2. Passion Journal what  you want to accomplish before you goto sleep. I’ve tried this on many of my friends involved in EmpoweredPreneur.  it has an amazing result:  you get lots of things out of your mind, you sleep better and check this out:  You nurture your passions into actions.  As you fall asleep, you focus on the things you look forward to do tomorrow.  gives you a better chance to feel Positively charged and anticipate a day filled with accomplishment. Way to wake up with  Good-great vibe! when you wake-up you’ll have a basis for the things you want to do, and schedule the things you HAVE to do TO!


  3. Plan your week out. Choose your priorities! if you want to use something that also helps plan your weeks out, Try a scrum board  schedule deadlines for the week in advance. Emphasise the most important thing on your iCalendar or Google calendar with ***[title] you have to get these done, do them first when you can.                                                 

        in the morning

    after your routine,—–> double check your agenda to ensure you know what you’re doing, an idle day with out plans will be wasted. Know your day’s game plan and also know what you want to accomplish when you finish your work days even if it is to read. you should have a quantitative goal that is feasible, instead of just read my book, it turns into read 20 pages of my book; instead of write content, it turns to: write one rough blog of 500 word. Have a reward for the evening AFTER you finish your responsibilities. Disciplined reward systems are amazing. if you have A mate in your life, they will understand too! only reward yourself if you Finish it though!


  4. Drink Alkalyzed Water.  Alkalyzed water is great for long lasting health. It starts your morning off with a buffer, to help the war against inflammation.  Not only that, we need to hydrate first thing in the morning!  It’s estimated that 80% of north Americans are chronically dehydrated.  Does it make sense to go for tea or coffee First thing in the morning?  It makes you piss more, you are already depleted.  Here’s a fast boost that helps alkalyze and rehydrate your through out your day: Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator.   Want to keep it completely natural?,  ¼ – ¾ of a lemon in your water is great! 

  5. Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator, Berry, 148 Gram

  1. Start your mid morning off with a cup of BulletProof Coffee[after your morning hydration]  I swore up and down for years NO COFFEE, it does more damage then good. Some research came to my eyes. It was so interesting that I air-lifted in the ingredients. Most coffees have residue of toxins in them. Bullet proof coffee use Grass fed butter, and a special oil in it ( MCT 8)  you blend it and it has an AMAZING energy  boost to it.  It was adapted/inspired from a Tibetan recipe.  You have to try it.  Get more details here

  1. Reward each completed task with Period of Refreshment. Life travel in waves, if you push and push and push, there will be a consequence, same as if you keep down, without rising for too long, you get flushed.    Keep your mind tip top,  after finishing an activity make sure you do something to refresh!  you can keep burning the fire BUT if you don’t replenish the fuel tank… don’t run to empty.   Fuel can be light meditation, enjoying food (I said enjoying, not wolfing something down) playing a game. watching an entertaining video clip, walking, exercising, talking to an optimist. Best of All:  a walk in mother nature ALWAYS reinvigorates. this will help your ebb and flow process so you bounce back with abundant mental energy


  2. Plan your next vacation today. Every 2 months I plan a Trip.  What is equally as great as experiencing these adventures is anticipating them.  If you’re planning allows anticipation, you will be happier. give yourself as much time as possible, the more you dream, anticipate and have something bright and shiny to look forward, the better you you will feel.  Remember the best seduction happens when you desire something well in advance, to the point you may even fantasize about it. A definite mood booster!  If you are going through a low-energy time, nothing boosts your spirit like anticipating your next trip.   you don’t have to book it today, you sure need to have it planned.  Start now. my next trip: Brazil, Diving in the flooded forest, wanna come? email me.


  3. Start your morning with your favourite songs. Some mornings I wake-up and can almost feel the beat of my songs. Your song should be singworthy. if you can sing it, you raise your energy and spirits and increase the likelihood that you will perform like a rockst*r today. The louder you can sing and the more involved you can be while you dance and sing, the better & more positive you will perform today. can’t sing? Hum it. even listening to music raises your dopamine levels.  Here’s my Morning Starting Sing-a-long from today


  4. Showers are motivational boxes.  Fresh water changes your attitude. no matter who you are, having temperature controlled rain is awesome! This isn’t just a time to refresh your body, it’s time to think about your desired outcome.  I like Mantras too.  They help with calibrating how you feel in your head.  I feel awesome, I do awesome, I am awesome.  Repeat it 20 times after you set your intention for the day. Wow, what a boost!  Everybody wants to feel awesome, the better you feel, the better you do,  It creates an exponential outcome typical of an EMPOWEREDpreneur


  5. Learn to control your energy.  You need to know the perfect way to breathe, how to relax your muscles, what to use to super fuel your body so you can learn to take mediocre to epic.  I call this Kinetitate, me and my team developed this from studying Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Tibetan Breathing, Transcendental meditation, Binaural beats and Other Kinetic medicines. The Result infused with our proprietary EP Approved Speed meditation you can do while you walk, ride shotgun,  sit on a chair, in a hottub… it helps you Feel amazing, I’ll share details with you in our newsletter, when you sign-up here



Do you have any great performance hacks that make you feel amazing? please share with us below 🙂