Incase you haven’t heard: radio is dead…Effective people will host their own podcast instead.

Just build an audience and engage it. This is the beginning of your podcast empire!


if by chance you were reeled in by “Marketing To extraterrestrials” *Snicker*  the First thing you need to discern is what Motivates an E.T. In your Marketplace,

Market to alien

Some people say they are here for resources to power their distant dying planets. If that’s the case, We can surely market North America to them as the oil prices are Cheaper than the price of peanuts after Armageddon. You Could Contact Exxon and see if you sold three Tankers worth of oil would they put up your friends up on Halloween in Las Vegas at The Penthouse suite at the Luxor where MARS ATTACKS! was filmed in 1996.

We Are Gearing up for an important shift or if you want to dive directly into podcasting look for the red star

They’d be purchasing 6Million barrels of oil ( tankers not included)  we’d have to give them a sweet deal, plus negotiate a commission for you…

After they ported and this endeavor proved to be profitable ( and safe from Anal Probing), If we joined arms with NASA and started a service station,

we could use one of the existent satellites that’s about to go out of a commission as a service station.

  We need to find out do Aliens have TAP enabled  on their currency devices or Just Interac: DEATH RAY payment services?  …and how can we “universally” evaluate their currency?  are there opportunities to trade their “Stellar Currency” on The Forex market?  are there any safety measures that we can utilize to prevent their currency from buying up our world and all our resources ( Like the US tries to do with war torn countries sometimes more forcefully like “weapons of mass destruction”)

. Would we run into the problem of once we turned on the oil and other resources, to E.T.’s,  and didn’t want to sell anymore,  of A hostile takeover, and Global domination?   I think there’s too many variables to consider to create a successful marketing plan, it’s only hypothetical ;)—- You see creativities the only limit when it comes to podcasting…  where your imagination takes you is where you can go…  Grab your point and go with it.  after you start getting forms of feedback, you will be able to adjust your message to the audience you want to attract and the audience you have already attracted.
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    *alright:  Pre-primer:

1 in 5 people listen to podcasts occasionally

People that listen on their smartphone have gone up 10 percent in 2014 this will increase more and more  There is a VERY LUCRATIVE MARKET!  Apple has made its podcast software come with all current builds of its devices.  The Market Is GROWING Every Day!   


Here’s the basic Formula:

summary :

  1. have reasonable equipment ( can start for $65.00)

  2. become early mover in a niche- (find something that isn’t overdone)

  3. release frequent content ( for the first month then once a week)

  4. use all distribution networks (social media, blog, Other people's lists, emails etc)

  5. create separate website that captures leads and makes podcasts accessible

  6. grow your e-mailing list (

  7. leverage credibility

  8. interview guests and send them links to their episodes

  9. convert episodes into print content to improve SEO and shareability

  10. Incorporate Youtube and social media into marketing strategy

  11. sell something, anything just start selling.


Here’s the Executive summary:


  1. Get Equipment and props

    1. get a good microphone

      1. snowball

      2. Yeti

    2. get intro music made of Elance of Fiverr

      1. voice overs are cheap

      2. use royalty free music

      3. you can get custom music made for $25

    3. Edit it with free software for now like Audacity for Windows @ Garage band for Apple

  2. Become an early mover in a niche

    1. Find new things that haven’t become traditional, aren’t mainstream, and are somewhat NEW

    2. If you love it talk about it. passion drives it too

  3. Release content early and often:  it will get more attention in new and newsworthy that will allow you to get more attention.

    1. Fresh content every day could get you up for two months in iTunes.

    2. Keep audiences engaged, 5 minute long episodes are fine too, work on leveraging your show w/ new snippets & contents  for 2 months,   then; cool down your production to once a week, less is now more once you’ve taken advantage of getting featured in itunes. once a week builds anticipation…

      1. Have a set schedule so listeners know where & when to look for your current shows

  4. Use other distribution means to promote your podcasts, get your RSS and submit them to other ones like,,,,,,,,  all have users and subscribers and are great for SEO, the more you get it out there, the more you get noticed. ( hire a virtual assistant for $5 per hour (or less) to help you with your uploading regime, If you want to succeed, you will do it.)

  5. Get a separate web page that captures leads and publishes podcasts..So damn important! you want to take listeners and directly engage with them,  get their emails to capture new users,  get a better way to connect. People can find you easier, you can enhance your SEO.   grow your following… awebber is great, so is mailchimp.  make try using huvver windows, exit pop-ups too.  You need emails like zombies need brains! get creative with marketing.  to listen make them enter their email to hear it.  or use special reports, free- bees ( preferably without stingers, instead use zingers).   mention this in your offers….  give away free 2 month subscriptions to a paid newsletter this gives massive value.  can get huge results to get people to sign-up for your list.  

  6. Interview big name guests, get top notch guests,  great people add great value

  7. leverage some of your credibility

    1. get facebook likes even if you have to buy ads to attract people.  DON’T USE FAKE LIKES,   a show that has 2000 followers looks better than an idea for a show, these people want some form of credibility, show them people follow you and your crowd is desireable because,  they can transfer over to their crowd

    2. publish a mini book, mini course, white paper or assert your True credits

  8. Find other people in your niches on itunes.  you will get a wealth of contributors for your show.-

    1. find hosts of other shows

      1. Promotion might be reciprocated

      2. joint ventures

      3. send guest their episode links

      4. give them awebsite where its hosted from, it’s easier to link to an also to get more feedback from their users so you can make them your users with your sign-up boxes.

      5. Engage with guests from your show on social media, or short follow up emails,

      6. Get in their mind and get on their list.

  9. Turn audio podcasts into printed content to improve  SEO and shareability

    1. Post transcriptions on your website

    2. Turn a portion of podcasts into blogs… diversify it

    3. Easier to share means easier to go viral

  10. incorporate youtube and social media into marketing strategy.  post it everywhere relevant…  stay active get response and share so you can engage and get feedback from your listeners.

    1. have a youtube channel

    2. interact with your users on social media


    1. if you want to continue you this, you have to sell something,

      1. try: T-shirts, courses, ebooks, premium subscriptions, something, Anything. Start selling and soon you will be in business, you may change your product, BUT you need to turn your passion into profits.


This is how you start:


target your niche

Choose a specific topic.  General topics won't get the attention you need and a sea of tens of thousands of similar topics  will be more difficult.  Do your best to find a very specific market.  

The More Specific, the more interesting to the right kinds of people.

Start building your contribution sources,  look at authors that are related to your topic

contact authors related to your niche ( especially writers on Amazon Kindle there’s A huge opportunity.  


If I pursued the ET marketing podcast I might look at the author of this book: Aliens The Secret Identity.  He might get irritated at my SpodCast ( a Spoof Podcast) later, but…  We need to make this Fun for us, informative and life altering 😉


Email the Author about your show, lots of people want exposure, endorse his links on your cast, in your blog on your website…  find other vocal experts you can interview . promote  paid subscription,  build your audience, then; the audience will build the rest for you…


podcast leads are the highest quality.   


software and equipment  you need for your podcast


quality mic.  like a Yeti /Snowball, USB has amazing quality.   the more bling the better the bang. … use wind screen made from foam.  the 5 bux is well spent …find it on Amazon… Never use built in mics.  They Suck, your are   better to give cpr to a zombie or perform your podcasts inside a hollow Mannica.  If you can’t get the foam because you live in a crystal fortress or can’t wiat for it>>> I have used two socks put them on the mic like a condom and then flipped the tips over the direction I was talking. into.


intro and conclusion music

Get at fiverr or on elance.  find a theme that fits your concept.  If you don’t want to build it quite  yet goto there’s tons of royalty free music there.  Over 100,000 you can get for as little as a buck ayear


Voice overs:  i get em on fiverr for 25 dollars. Use the best :  find the highest rated, you need to sound awesome in the first few seconds, your credibility depends on it.


Conduct interviews:  use Skype! the quality is really good. It's  better than landline phones.  Do not use cells~!  if you go that route you might aswell start using tin cans and a string.  Other Empoweredpreneurs I know use Google talk. They say it rocks!  You still need to record it. Try using  VOIPCALLRECORDING.COM,  PAMELA.BIZ,,  ECAM.COM…  They are ALL great apps.


Free Sound editing: Apple: Garageband.  windows:  audacity:   learn it, it's really easy, there's tutorials everywhere. maybe even in your back pocket.


Host your podcast:  host provider makes an RSS or real simple syndication.   It's  easy to share with itunes, tunein or stitcher, spreaker, soundcloud.  

people that subscribe to your RSS feeds will get updates as they are released.


libsyn offers the widest tools (sound cloud too~)    you get stats that are very beneficial.   get huge metrics that help marketing ,   post directly to wordpress and blogger…   you can automarket a series of notifications, when your show is ready to be listened to/ downloaded…   lipsyn is the best,  you can use soundcloud too…  soundcloud comes with 3 free hours to get you started, if you’re serious, choose right the first time otherwise you will have to loose old followers and attract new followers in the future.


Transcriptions:  you can use ‘em as blogs!  double the content~  It’s so much easier to share transcripts,   It helps improve SEO.   you can find transcribers overseas   20 dollars or more for 30 minutes of audio.  Check out Fiverr to get the ball rolling



try the talk show:    rants of your day…   say what’s on your mind!  it’s easy.  know your niche and open your mouth, keep your audience in mind always use the “YOU View”.  — 10 minutes

interview guests…  new names  drive new attention.  they link and promote themselves on your medium another—.  15 mins.  Build anticipation for the next show, leave them on a cliff-hanger make them desire what you have like intellectual opiates!

Format part 2:Getting feedback

promote yourself on all social media sections.  create google alerts so you know what people are saying about you

upload your podcasts to youtube as movie file, with your logo. Ask people what they think about

 make a Google  alert for your show if people are talking,  you will get FAST notes from google so you can interact with these messages on other people's blogs and in social media.  Just add an alert and get the sources from where this info is coming from daily (just Google: create Google alerts to learn how to this)

you will get lots of feedback in just a few months.     this is where you can use listeners feedback to build your show.  how exciting! – 15 minutes.  bam you have a show!


More important points about format:

You can try being investigative, like a news reporter.  this requires some refined skill on your behalf but it’s damn awesome~  Freakonomics does it, it takes some expert moves but if it's done right… instant credibility! Bazinga!~


warning do not make your cast more than one hour.   22 minutes is the best, refine your content so you make main exciting points.


Formatting continued:

the reader:  audio version of your blog post.  read and print content you already produced~  how easy is that?  


See how much audible sales are growing?!  it’s off the charts! re-read your material as a podcast.  Even embed your podcasts into your blogs.  once it has been added, you can convert people that already follow your blog in to podcast subscribers! It’s another level of interactivity



interviewing experts helps build rapport with your listeners. .  


find experts on media databases, publicists can find you…  


Use Amazon Kindle to find your niche topics >Look up authors >  Find their web pages, you’ll get contact info. Find ‘em, email ‘em and promote their knowledge under your brand and then Cross promote!  


Haro ( connects journalists with content.  Check it out. You'll find a plethora of contacts. Make sure you verify their credibility, tons of leads here!


search niches on itunes.  check out guests on the shows and make a network of opportunity to invite and implement ( the guests they have used are probably interested in being your guests too.


contact guests:   use email,  phone calls are viewed as a pain in the ass…  give them many opportunities of convenience for an interview:


  1. name

  2. title of show

  3. dates and times to record,

  4. affiliation

  5. awesome facts,

  6. history,

  7. hype your shows so they want to come on.

  8. show their exclusive website on your show and other promotional opportunities


iTunes importance:

itunes has changed the game.

podcasting helps publish people to the world, it makes leads..


hundreds of millons of people get podcast apps on their phones..

when you subscribe, on itunes, they get all episodes to their apple device/ software,  it partially prequalifes people.

It has rankings for its podcasts and categories…  you get ranked. get em to press subscribe button on itunes and subscribe…  millions of people here… take advantage of it…   new and newsworthy section:  keep pumping out episodes to keep your audience engaged.

make high quality content.  Get noticed.


Submit a podcast to itunes:

once you have your RSS created through libsyn  you can submit your show to itunes

  1. Download the latest version of iTunes

  2. Click iTunes store button

  3. Click podcasts on the navigation bar

  4. On the right below the podcasts quick links header click Submit a podcast

  5. Follow instructions on a submit a podcast page and you’ll have it in no time !!

make sure you have a catchy logo~ it has to be 1400 x 1400 pixels

title of your show:

use as many keywords as possible in your subtitle.  more relevant keywords will help you find someone more likely to convert into a subscriber

keywords are keys to being found!




Execute it properly, run it like a business, marketing will take care of itself if you make your shows with interesting material that is share-worthy. Aim to study and make it VIRAL.




revenue drivers:

sell existing product, consulting, books OPP, affiliate sales, ( make sure you campaign your email list,  use an affitliate tracking link, attach it to your episode page, have banners on your site, marketing your product, use a vanity url (for the sake of tracking that you can easily share) add space in your content to add ads

release paid subscriptions for Platinum Material


,  advertising ( sell it) audio commercials on your podcast)  get advertisers, of the biggest players in the market, audible and citrix are good examples of large companies that will advertise on podcasts, visit their website and contact them.  


Now stop reading and go take Action.  if you have any questions about podcasting, fill em out below, one of our Empoweredpreneur’s will gladly help you. now go set up your mic.  and get producing, it’s damn near free too start!