What is Royal Jelly?


Workers bees produce and collect this highly powerful substance called royal jelly that provides nutrition to the prospective queen bee larvae.  This natural supplement literally EmPowers the larvae to become the Queen Bee of her colony.  


This jelly is not called royal for nothing; it consists of proteins, amino acids, vitamins B5, B6 and C, trace minerals, iotin, folic acid, inositol and enzymes. It has antibacterial and antibiotic properties.  


Basically, royal jelly is made for the royalty of the bee community; worker bees create this ‘growth-food’ so that their next-in-line queen is super-fit and ready by the time she’s old enough to assume the role of the ‘alpha’ of her community.


Due to this nature of RJ, much time and effort has been devoted in laboratories to scientifically study the effects its consumption can have; needless to say that most of these studies (we’ve shared many of them here) show that regular intake of RJ has long lasting benefits.


What does Royal Jelly do?


Lowers cholesterol


As per the Heart and Stroke Foundation about 40% of Canadians have high blood cholesterol (Statistics Canada, 2012). The story is similar in the US and most countries across the globe.  This is due to modern day diets and lifestyles; while making changes to what you eat is important, it is also important that you supplement your food with substances that help reverse the damage already done to your system.  RJ is known to bring down the bad boys of cholesterol- LDL while not causing any harm to the good guys of cholesterol- HDL.  Research done in this area substantiates these claims.




You already know the extent of the damage that oxidation can do to you; if unchecked, free radicals cause oxidative stress which causes you to age faster and may lead to dangerous diseases such as cancer,  cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disorders.  Although you can control some of the factors that trigger the oxidation process, like sunlight, smoking and alcohol, other factors like pollution are beyond your control.  So, how do you neutralize free radicals?  By taking antioxidants; RJ is a great source of antioxidants!  A study conducted in 2003 found that dietary RJ reduces oxidative damage.


Anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer


RJ suppresses the supply of blood to tumours which helps the body in fighting cancer.  An article by the Europe PubMed Central has cited a study done on the anti-tumour properties of RJ; in a lab experiment mice received tumour cell implants and then were fed royal jelly.  These mice experienced the anti-tumour effects of RJ showing suppression rates between 45% to 55%.  Also, as per another study, the antioxidant nature of RJ helps reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy.  To add to this, RJ also possesses anti-inflammatory properties owing to the phenolic compounds it contains such as flavonoids; they are responsible for a wide range of biological activities: antiallergen, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory.  Your body often comes in contact with stimulus that may be harmful and it protects itself  through inflammation.  But if the body is constantly in a state of inflammation it leads to many life-threatening diseases so the best way to beat inflammation is by consuming more anti-inflammatory foods like RJ.


Balances the immune system


RJ helps modulate the immune system.  It contains gamma globulins that function to strengthen the immune system.  It also contains something known as glycoprotein which helps in monitoring the immune system by controlling T cells in the body.  Basically, RJ not only stimulates the immune system but it also quietens a ‘hyper’ immune system; just like an under-functioning immune system leads to chronic diseases, an over performing immune system results in autoimmune diseases like lupus.


Enhances sexual health and is a natural treatment for PMS


Imbalance in steroid hormones production causes disorders in female glands.  Royal jelly contains steroid hormones that help regulate female functions: menstruation cycle, libido, and sexual arousal.    


Brain power booster


A study conducted in 2012 found that RJ improves mental health.  This is understandable since it is composed of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter.  Acetylcholine improves overall brain functioning, provides greater clarity of mind and improves memory.  Further studies have revealed that administering RJ helps improve cognitive performance in older people; considering that mental health starts to deteriorate as we get older it seems like RJ is godsent.


Skin enhancer


The antioxidants in RJ counteract free radicals in your body thereby preventing the skin from degenerating.  This way your skin stays young and looks healthy.  RJ contains silicon which is known boost the body’s collagen generation; collagen prevents the skin from ageing too quickly.  After all, it is important that the queen bee  looks the part 🙂


Increases glucose tolerance


As per a study this nutrient dense jelly has an insulin like effect in lowering blood sugar levels.  Yet another study reveals that RJ supplementation improves glucose tolerance.  


Promotes bone health


RJ facilitates the absorption of calcium.  As this study shows RJ prevents osteoporosis by enhancing intestinal calcium absorption and it decreases bone loss due to osteoporosis.


To sum it up…


The fact that worker bees only live for about 40 days and the queen can live up to 5 years speaks volumes about the magical qualities of RJ.


How should you have it?


To begin with, if you have any bee product related allergies then you should consult a doctor and have relevant tests done before you use royal jelly.


Buy fresh and frozen RJ.


Best to consume it by placing it under you tongue as this way it is absorbed directly into the blood.


EmpoweredPreneurs like Brucel Lee use[d] royal Jelly mixed w/ ginseng extract for a super boost of energy.


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