4. Our Results are only as great as our teams hands —choose wisely-

We are either enhanced or Eroded  by the sum of our network, it is directly proportional to our Self Worth, Networth and Final Outcome.

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 An Empoweredpreneur seeks alliances that are equal and preferably greater than themselves.  This ensures a higher percentile of success and often emerging growth opportunities.  The More positively motivated people we team up with the greater our results will become.   Empoweredpreneurs don’t settle, they seek ideal alliances in Business, Intimacy & Social connections.  


Our life can’t be built completely independently, we need leverage, we need expert assistance, we need a growing circle of excellence in all social circles of our life.   Inventory is often done in cycles when an EP will evaluate connections:  are they positive and progressive?  great they can continue.  Are they negative and limiting?— either it"s time to find a replacement, reduce time spent and dependancy, or re-educate them.   


EmpoweredPreneurs DON’T have time for negative relations…  Synics, Sluffers & Ego-drowned people serve to hold us back.  WE CAN’T WASTE A HEART BEAT… we have a deadline——> it’s called a lifespan.


The best way we can build our unified lifestyle goal is to Surround ourselves with constructive alliances that are congruent or supportive of us achieving our ultimate lifestyle goal/ legacy/ Ideal state.      


Great Visions are only created with great resources & great support.

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  • Empoweredpreneurs rate everything black and white, right or wrong, Beneficial or a waste, No in betweens. either something is worth our time or it’s not conducive of our lifestyle goal.    We have certain obligatory relations (parenting, family, mentorships), the others are either valuable or unnaceptable.  Unaccetable relations have to be Changed or Fixed.   An Empoweredpreneur is always looking to enhance/evolve the most important Parts  to their Ideal Lifestyle and Ideal State. Great relations make the other areas of life much more easy so long as we have a good/great relation with our self.  A good relationship with our self,  is one forged with some level of confidence, good emotional, mental and physical self with a positive, progressive attitude where anticipated achievements are congruent with reality because the person”  lives in THIS MOMENT,  pursues goals that stimulate growth and promote a healthy inspiring lifestyle.

  • To keep a bad team brings bad results. to keep bad company does the same for your potential to be great.

  • if something reocurringly takes an Empoweredpreneurs energy and gives nothing to enhance its pursuit of  unified goal/legacy, it is considered either negative, Neutral or a parasite and dismissed.

  • All relationships rotten fruit team building... .jpgneed a transfer (energy, ideas, even commerce) EP’s always make sure they harvest mutually beneficial relationships that are WIN-WIN

  • When looking for Social and joint ventures EP’s look for People that are as a base: independent.  Independent people working together creates an evolved web of achievement and evolution.  Seek people that don’t NEED other people to complete them but desire people for Inspiration, the pursuit of unified goals and the enjoyment of life.