The Proper Use of Words are powerful enough to:  build villages, save an animal species, turn   a hellacious day into a miracle. An Authoritative word can change an outcome by 180 degrees.


Thousands of thoughts can happen, the word is a mediating agent, a polymorphism or a cocoon, it’s what transmutes dreams into reality.  Words speak seeds that grow and take shape into this world.


lets make  this more clear:    teams & relations an old saying comes into place:  A PERSON IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THEIR WORD!


if you say your going to do something,  this is like a spell.  YOU HAVE TO DO IT!  For the sake of your word, you see your word is either reality altering or its just sound.  You make the choice.  


Ever heard of people that lie to themselves?–> their word is dead.  you see the word is an on switch,  It’s a creator of great change, it only works if you honor it and know it’s a creator of great change.  the more times you say I’m going to do something and follow through the more powerful you get.   This is a basic form of manifestation that builds momentum  “I say it and it happens”  


The better you get at saying your going to do something and following through. the more elaborate things you can accomplish, You will make an ascent and like me, you will make it EPIC! Fulfillment becomes an addictive challenge 😉


If you don’t have a strong word you can’t say I’m going to Feel great today.  your mind and body don’t believe you.   the only way you can do this is by DOING WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO DO.

Start Small and work your way up.  NEVER CROSS YOUR WORD or you will DOUBLE CROSS YOURSELF & your potential.


I’m going to give you an extreme example.   I was in a major depression classified as a sub-catatonic unable to communicate with people.  the lights were partially out.   It was a do or die situation.  I had a ray of sunshine come to me i thought entered my mind “ You can only make change happen if you always do what you say you are going to do”


from this I started understanding the law of momentum & the power of my word.  That night I told myself I would sleep outside in the barn. this might sound miniscule to you but it was -31  on that winter day…   I kept extreme challenges coming,  I told myself I would hike the base of a mountain…  Bike 41 Kilometers…   hold my breath underwater for 1 minute 45 seconds… I would force myself to talk to three strangers a day.. [i got more confident so I could say  “I WILL beat my drepression.”  That I would be awesome and the highest energy person most people have met.  Build a Company that allows me to have 5 vacations a year. learn all my lessons so I could teach people to avoid a bullshit existence and to teach or inspire people to BURN BRIGHT!


It all started from a word.   Words are seed,  you can grow them or let them be blown away.  The Second thing in creating an epic life  is To Do What you say you will do, No matter what.


the rest of the lesson is self-explanatory as far as action goes.


it looks like this;


EP Accelerator Tip:  Choose your word wisely each day,  Your word is your honor, If you say you will do something and  do it, You build momentum, [On The Dark-Side] If you say you will do it & don’t attempt to, you lessen your impact.if yourself doesn’t believe you, How will you ever accomplish the things you want in life?

Your word is your commitment to make Things happen,  Wouldn’t you say?  😉

Next time we meet, I’m going to chat with you about something that’s even more important, it’s Key three “The Light & The End of The Fight”  Until we read again, Burn Bright!