The unlimited hidden energy which can be unlocked to live your craziest most surreal dreams with the power of belief and gratitude. Peoples thoughts have huge actions on their day to day lives whether they realize it or not. Have you ever been late for work and you hit every damn light or train on the way to work, or you have such a hard time waking up to that alarm clock every morning?

Now switch the gears and it’s the weekend and your in no rush for anything but yet your body still wakes you up at the same time as the week day but you feel refreshed and now your traveling to go vist friends or go to shopping and you manage to travel smoothly and arrive typically ahead of schedule even though you don’t have a schedule.

The mad science behind what is happening is your thoughts are creating your reality so therefore believing is seeing, as you awake on a weekday you realize your off to your 9-5 modern day slavery so your body naturally rejects the thought of punishment so it makes it difficult to get going. Now you’re driving to work at most likely a place you don’t want to go but if your behind schedule and late, your boss is going to fire you or yell at you, so now you’re mad rushed swearing at trains and people who drive slow, you are creating a negative energy field around you and you keep collectively adding more negative energy until you arrive at work late. So if you can create and compound negative energy WHY can’t you create and harness positive energy with positive outcomes?

Well heres the good news:  YOU CAN!!

First of all you need to wake up in the morning drink 3 glasses of purified water to hydrate the soul/body.

Now get some exercise lets get that blood pumping and moving while taking deep breaths, go on a speed walk for 10-20 minutes or longer or go hit the gym for 30-60min and start feeling good.

Be grateful (this is an extremely important step) I don’t care who you believe in let it be God or Buddha or whatever you believe in, I religiously praise and thank the universe everyday for the food, shelter, water, family and health that I have and continue to go into detail with my gratefulness, then I ask to attract positive energy and a great day and allow many opportunities and business ideas/deals enter my life today.

Take action is the final step, once an idea enters the brain its on a timer and you must act now to see success, research it, write it down and study the pros and cons of the idea figure out the economics of it and if it fits you. If you do not take action nothing will happen and be patient for the best idea but please for GODS sake take action.

On your drive to work think positive and say say your gratefulness prayer out load every damn morning I don’t care if you had a shitty day still say it. Think to yourself when is the last time you wanted to help someone who didn’t say thank you? Exactly so start been grateful and thinking positive and writing down all ideas you have , if you write down exactly what you want and visualize it and make an effort to get it you WILL EVENTUALLY GET IT.

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