It is natural to experience depressive symptoms during severe cold. Scientific evidence proves that DARK DAYS tend to DARKEN YOUR MOOD.

But, YOU, EmpoweredPreneurs, need not lose days and weeks of your life to winters no more! You can learn to beat those winter blues and greet each day with zest and vigour.  You'll learn to brew your own  inner ice wines Just follow these 4 steps and winters will begin to bear fruits for you, just like spring!  

4 Ways to Winter
1) increase vitamin D to 5000 I. U.'s

 In winters you do not receive enough sunlight hence your body is unable to synthesize adequate amounts of vitamin D.  You need this Sh*t!  its part of the happiness molecule!  Amongst the other awesome functions that it performs such as controlling inflammation, Vitamin D helps boost serotonin, which, as you already know, is responsible for your mood, and appetite. Basically, lower levels or the absence of serotonin may causes depression and during winters, due to the lack of vitamin D, the body makes less serotonin. So, upping your vitamin D intake to 5000 I. U.'s will have a great impact on your well being.

2) Go outside for at least 20 minutes a day

 Change Your environment, Change your Mood & up your mind!, preferably during the day. Open air and natural light does wonders to your overall disposition. Take a walk outdoors; it lessens brain fatigue, gets your creative juices flowing and rejuvenates you. Be consistent; make this a daily habit. Whatever little sunlight, make the most of it! Sun Tan your snow gear breathe deep, enjoy the crisp aroma of refreshing Winter Air!

3) Use cardiovascular activity

 Cardio exercises kick-start your metabolism, raise your energy levels and help release stress. Also, unlike other short-term feel-good indulgences like consuming caffeinated drinks or eating sugary and carb-rich comfort foods, which do your body harm, this kind of physical activity holds long-term benefits for both your body and mind.  Breathe Deep Empower your Mind!

4) Say 6 minutes of intense affirmations while you shower

   During winters you may  experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), this may make you feel depressed and begin to have negative thoughts. To change this you need to consciously train your brain to think positively and the best way to do that is to remind yourself of all the good things present in your life. It's easy to do while you are in the Shower!  this is something you do every day at the start of your day. you can add other good habits to already existant ones, it makes it way more easy! So, what better way to start the day than to remind yourself of the goals you have set for yourself, to count your blessings, and to charge yourself with the power of words! as soo as the water is on – TURN ON YOUR AFFIRMATIONS TOO!

Include these 4 empowering habits to your daily routine and your winter mood will be no different from that of spring. Go on, master yourself with these remarkable remedies to conquer the winter blues!  Start now make winter exhilirating with activity instead! It doesn't have to drag on!